Music Mayhem

Mondays during term time 9.30-10.30am

All photos taken and published with the kind permission of parents.

Music Mayhem is the pre-school section of plfc's youth work.

It's a great time to come along and catch up with friends whilst the children can enjoy playing and singing together.

Our session starts at 9.30am. We have a 30 minute singing time including a "hello song", some action songs, musical instrument songs, Sockeroo the sock puppet makes an appearance to choose a song, parachute songs and we finish with a quiet song and the music mayhem "goodbye song."

Each child receives his or her own Sockeroo sock puppet on their first birthday with us.

From 10.00-10.30am we have a refreshments time and play time for the children.

We have 20+ parents who attend with their preschool children.

Our high lights of the year are our Nativity, when the children come dressed as shepherds or angels and we tell the true story of the birth of Jesus; and our Easter story, when we tell the true story of the death and resurrection of Jesus.

Anyone is welcome to come, the sessions are free and are held in the hall of the church extension.

The dates of meetings for the next six months are given below (any changes will be shown here).

  Date                              Time

17th Feb 2020Half Term
24th Feb 20209.30-10.30am
2nd Mar 20209.30-10.30am
9th Mar 20209.30-10.30am
16th Mar 20209.30-10.30am
23rd Mar 20209.30-10.30am
30th Mar 20209.30-10.30am
6th Apr 2020Half Term & PTD
13th Apr 2020Half Term & PTD
20th Apr 2020Half Term & PTD
27th Apr 20209.30-10.30am
4th May 20209.30-10.30am
11th May 20209.30-10.30am
18th May 20209.30-10.30am
25th May 2020Half Term & PTD
1st Jun 2020Half Term & PTD
8th Jun 20209.30-10.30am
15th Jun 20209.30-10.30am
22nd Jun 20209.30-10.30am
29th Jun 20209.30-10.30am
6th Jul 20209.30-10.30am
13th Jul 20209.30-10.30am
20th Jul 20209.30-10.30am
27th Jul 2020Summer Holidays
3rd Aug 2020Summer Holidays
10th Aug 2020Summer Holidays

For your peace of mind: All leaders of the Music Mayhem group, as with any other plfc youth activities, have had a CRB check performed on them by the church and have attended and passed our own Child Protection Course modelled on the materials supplied by CCPAS (Churches' Child Protection Advisory Service). All Music Mayhem workers adhere to a strict set of procedures as laid down in our Child Protection Policy which has been approved by, and is registered with, CCPAS. A copy of this policy can be viewed at the church.